Ana Arriaga

Ana ArriagaManaging Director at Nexos Capital & Principal of ATLx Americas

Ana Arriaga is a Managing Director at Nexos Capital Partners LLC, a private equity fund manager with offices in New York City and Los Angeles and with investments in the media, energy, real estate, and retail/food sectors. She is primarily responsible for sourcing, analyzing, closing and monitoring investments in the media and energy sectors. Ms. Arriaga is also responsible for the activities of the group in Latin America.

Prior to Nexos, served as Director of the Fund of Funds Investments Division of the Consensus Business Group, a family office based in London. At Consensus she was responsible for sourcing, analyzing, closing and monitoring fund investments with special emphasis on technology funds in the renewable and efficient energy, biotech, security, digital media and real estate. The fund investments were based in countries as diverse as Israel, US/Canada, India, South Africa, the UK and various European countries. During her years at Consensus, the company’s portfolio of fund investments grew from 23 million pounds to over 300 million pounds. She established the fund investment procedures and built a team that completed close to 40 investments. The team also worked on the establishment of first time funds in Israel, UAE, South Africa and France. She sat on the investor advisory committees of several funds.

Prior to Consensus, Ms Arriaga was a Senior Advisor of the WestSphere Group in New York. With two fully invested funds in Latin America, she successfully sought exit strategies for investments in the countries hit by the economic crisis in the region during the 2000-2004 period.

From 1994 to 1999, with a group of US investors, she co-founded the First Argentine Mortgage Corporation, a mortgage conduit which issued the first mortgage backed securities under the new fiduciary laws of the Menem Administration. In her capacity as COO, she developed a proprietary system of origination that was adopted by three local banks with a total of over 600 branches. The company had achieved funding commitments from the IFC, UBS and hedge funds for over 500 million dollars prior to the 1997 market crisis, which had an immediate impact on funding commitments in the region.

Prior to this position, she was a real estate investment banker at Sonnenblick-Goldman Corp. in NYC were she was one of a three professionals team responsible for advising Latin American economic groups developing multi-million dollar real estate projects. Other clients included government entities in Argentina such as the Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda (FONAVI) and various provincial banks including La Pampa, Entre Rios, Cordoba and Mendoza seeking financing for their mortgage portfolios and housing projects. These assignments led to the formation of the mortgage conduit.

Ms. Arriaga has maintained a consulting activity throughout her career. Recently was an advisor to a family office based in Abu Dhabi and a consultant to a Washington based firm focused on carbon offsets. She also remained a Consultant to Consensus on select fund investments.

A native of Argentina, she has lived mainly in the United States since the 1980s. She attended the Business Administration program at University of Miami, and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science.